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Site Core Consulting

Web & CMS Development

Content Management Solution Development & Implementation Services to Meet our clients needs

Our team of expert .NET application developers provide comprehensive Sitecore Web Development services, including Custom Solutions & applications, Custom Web development, and web application design.

Vencedor Software Software provides complete content management system implementation for companies small and large. Because most marketers rely on their website as an effective way to increase brand awareness, engage a targeted audience, remain competitive, and increase the quality and quantity of leads, we implement Sitecore CMS because of its flexibility, sophistication and ease of use.

We currently we have over 6 Sitecore certified consultants and 2 Sitecore MVPs. Vencedor Software has successfully delivered more than 10 projects, including more than 15 Sitecore sites.


Are You Considering a Sitecore Upgrade?

Sitecore 7 offers the industry’s first search-based architecture, allowing you to deliver a new level of relevant and personalized digital experiences to your audiences.

  • Search-based architecture frees marketers from content constraints; scales to virtually unlimited content volumes
  • Better utilization of ECM (Email Campaign Manager) and DMS (Digital Marketing Suite)
  • Maximize your maintenance investment
  • Prevent costly rework

Vencedor Software is pleased to offer our easy and rapid Sitecore Upgrade path to existing Sitecore users.


Vencedor Software is the leading expert on Sitecore e-Commerce

and can help you deliver an exceptional shopping experience

The most successful e-Commerce sites today blend unique user experiences with advanced website management and marketing tools in a single, easy-to-use platform. Sitecore e-Commerce will attract new visitors to your site, optimize your conversion rates, and keep those customers coming back for more.

Vencedor Software has over 10 Certified Sitecore Developers on staff, including 2 Sitecore MVPs with extensive experience in implementing Sitecore e-Commerce sites, including multi-lingual content and brands.

Set up a brief call to talk with our Sitecore experts on:

  • Obstacles and solutions faced when working with multiple countries and multiple development teams
  • Strategies for building a robust e-Commerce system
  • Creating & resulting in a user-friendly, unified shopping cart for multiple brands


Sitecore CMS Mobile: Making your Site Mobile-Friendly is a Must.

With Sitecore CMS Mobile Web, you can ensure a mobile-friendly site that offers visitors a consistent, compelling experience on virtually any mobile device every time –all while building Brand Loyalty, Personalization, and Relevance.

People have come to realize that accessing today’s technology with advanced SEO and mobile devices is the way to search for what they need online. Using the internet to promote your business products and services is half the equation; making it mobile friendly to the visitor is the other half.

Sitecore CMS Mobile Web easily delivers content for any format – from mobile phones to tablet PCs, from printer-friendly layouts to RSS XML feeds – for a consistent, multi-channel experience.

  • Automatically detect the visitor’s device type
  • Serve content optimized for the visitor’s device
  • Ensure content is device independent
  • Mobile Ready

Engage your audience anywhere and get more for your marketing dollar with a site that is optimized for the iPhone, Blackberry, and other devices.

  • Optimize your site for mobile viewing
  • Reach your customers wherever they are
  • Use your own mobile device to review changes
  • Sitecore Support and Maintenance Program

    Vencedor Software Proudly Offers a Sitecore Support and Maintenance Program to Meet Your Needs
    We have over 6 Certified Sitecore Developers on staff dedicated to supporting your projects.

    Why it Works

    • Sitecore certified support team
    • Single point of contact
    • Predictable cost with retainer model
    • Tracking and monitoring tools

    How it Works
    Sitecore Support is a cost-effective way to address ongoing bug fixes, maintenance and small enhancements while giving your users and developers a way to get assistance and have their questions answered.
    When work has to be completed, support customers enter work tickets into the Support Tracking System and coordinate with the Support Manager on priorities and scheduling.

    As part of the maintenance and support program, Vencedor Software will:

    • Keep a knowledgeable development staff available to work on your site.
    • Make changes and deliver updated source code, Sitecore packages and compiled binaries.
    • Test all changes made using our integrated Quality Assurance team.
    • Maintain a version of your development environment.

    The monthly retainer is designed to cover the costs of providing these services. This includes project management and overall upkeep of the website and its environment(s).

    Sitecore Audit

    Vencedor Software’s Sitecore Best Practice Audit Can Help Improve the Productivity of Your Site

    You’ve invested in one of the best Content Management Systems but is your Sitecore implementation living up to expectations? Have you heard any of these questions or complaints?

    • I know what I want to change but I can’t find it
    • Why do I still have to write so much HTML?
    • Why does my content look different in the Sitecore editor vs. Sitecore preview vs. published page?
    • Why don’t I see any analytics?
    • Can we add more sites?
    • Will the DMS work?
    • I can’t figure out how to make Web Forms for Marketers work

    Sitecore Audit: How it Works
    Vencedor Software’s team of Sitecore specialists will take a detailed look at your site’s overall system architecture, Sitecore architecture, solution code and Sitecore deployment. We’ll then measure it against Sitecore best practices, and provide you with an executive itemized report. The specifics of this report are outlined below. The primary deliverable for this engagement is a remediation plan that details trouble spots, a remediation plan, timeline, and budget.

    Deliverable Outline
    I. Executive Summary
    II. Sitecore feature implementation assessment (good, bad, and the ugly)
    III. Editor’s Experience
    A. Media and Assets
    B. Content Structure
    C. Template Hierarchy
    D. Presentation Components
    IV. System Considerations
    A. Extensibility
    B. Environment and Scalability
    C. Workflow, Security, and Governance
    D. Software Licensing
    E. Module and 3rd Party Component Integration
    V. DMS Preparedness
    VI. Remediation Plan

    Sitecore Training Programs

    Vencedor Software believes one of the most important factors of achieving success in a Sitecore project is having the right competencies in your development team, which can be driven through Sitecore Training
    We’re proud to provide Sitecore training for developers, content authors, and administrators. Vencedor Software’s team of Sitecore experts can meet your needs through training that is designed specifically for you and your organization. Our training classes are an enjoyable and productive experience that can be offered onsite, wherever you’re located, to accommodate busy schedules.

    Content Editors/Authors
    This course is for everyone from casual business users through power users who already have a working knowledge of Sitecore. The course will walk you through the basics and dive into more advanced editing options to help you become a master of the Sitecore Content Management System (CMS).

    This course is designed to help developers learn the fundamental concepts and techniques for building powerful websites with the Sitecore Content Management System (CMS). Vencedor Software will spend a day or so with the development team prior to the training understanding the specifics of the environment. This knowledge will help our instructor better prepare the curriculum and answer questions as they arise in the class. Developers should have a good understanding of Microsoft ASP.NET and C#.

    This course is targeted at system, network and database administrators, as well as developers, to help you get the most of Sitecore Content Management System (CMS). The class will cover administrative concepts and best practices.
    We have some of the most experienced developers in the nation that can train your team in basic to advanced Sitecore skills as well as sharing our best practices from enterprise solutions. We have over 10 full time Sitecore Certified Developers on staff with over 5 years experience and 2 Sitecore MVPs.

    Let’s set up a brief call to learn more about our Sitecore training services.

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