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SharePoint Consulting

Microsoft SharePoint Consulting & Development

Microsoft® SharePoint® Consulting
Microsoft SharePoint provides the single platform that helps your people share, manage and find information – working together without wasting time searching and duplicating tasks. Vencedor Software can help your organization take full advantage of the power of SharePoint for content management, team sites, search, and much more.

Get it right the first time
There is no doubt that SharePoint is powerful – without the right design and planning, deployments can creep out of control. That’s why it’s so important to work with a SharePoint partner with proven experience. Vencedor Software has helped organizations deploy SharePoint to:

  • Build a secure, robust external collaboration environment for a Client
  • Create a comprehensive SharePoint training program within SharePoint for a Client, including instructor-led and web-based classes
  • Develop an automated, web-based, electronic Conference Management system in SharePoint.
  • Create a custom system in SharePoint for managing Controlled Documents.
  • Create electronic, workflow-driven systems in SharePoint for tracking business opportunities and tracking Non-Disclosure Requests
  • Brand internet and extranet portals with the organizations look and feel

When you work with Vencedor Software Technologies, you get industry leading knowledge and experience. Our SharePoint Architects are second to none.

Optimize SharePoint For Your Organization
Whether you are in the planning stages of your first SharePoint deployment or migrating to SharePoint 2010, Vencedor Software will help you improve usability and performance.

Planning and Design

  • Architecture design and planning
  • Branding
  • Business process automation with Forms Server and Workflow
  • Taxonomy design
  • Development of KPI’s (key performance indicators)

Productivity Improvement

  • Business Intelligence
  • Codeless solutions (InfoPath, SharePoint Designer, Excel Services)
  • Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration
  • Enterprise Search

Integration, Extension and Migration

  • Microsoft CRM integration
  • Virtual Earth integration and graphical modeling
  • Custom Development (.net, AJAX, C++)
  • Migrations from Share Point 2003 to MOSS 2007 , 2007 to 2010 and 2010 to 2013
  • Put Your Microsoft Benefits to Work
    Through your Software Assurance benefits – part of your Microsoft volume license agreement – Vencedor Software Technologies can provide prepaid-paid services through the SharePoint Deployment Planning Services. Find out more.

SharePoint Branding/User Experience

Branding your SharePoint site is instrumental in enhancing user experience while increasing the odds for adoption. Vencedor Software has extensive expertise to help you create a more effective and attractive user interface (UI) for your SharePoint application. We regularly develop a variety of SharePoint environments including: Public Websites, Extranets, Intranets and Custom Applications

Make Your SharePoint Site Yours with Custom Branding
We employ some of the leading SharePoint designers in the country and have worked with organizations large and small to ensure that their SharePoint site reflects their brand identity and is easy to use. We have a full complement of services which include:

Information Architecture and Taxonomy
IA provides a roadmap for the site’s construction including functions, metaphors, visual design, navigation, and interaction. The art and science of organizing and labeling elements supports find-ability and usability, as well as proper classification of data and adherence to organizational policies.

Solution’s UX
When building InfoPath forms and SharePoint workflows, it’s imperative that the overall user experience is effective including email notifications. Our UX services will help you deliver effective and beautiful forms and email notifications as well as comprehensive workflows.

Graphic Design
The graphic design portion of your SharePoint project can be as minimal or extensive as needed. Our services will extend your corporate brand into beautiful SharePoint sites that get attention and embraced by your users.

Prototypes are created to expand on the mockups and provide a more realistic sense of how the final product will behave.

Branding Implementation
Branding files including multimedia are created and alpha-tested in a SharePoint test environment, then implemented on the SharePoint site during the build phase. Once created, another round of testing is conducted to ensure expectations are met. Implementation of brand files include master pages, page layouts, CSS, supporting XSLT, image files, feature deployment, incorporation of any Silverlight, JavaScript, and jQuery files as well as multimedia. Documentation is maintained throughout the project.

User Experience Acceptance Testing
While user acceptance testing answers the question “Did we meet our client’s functional requirements?,” we believe that User Experience Acceptance Testing is the missing task that will help to measure the overall success of the project. We plan for desired perceptions and behaviors and measure to prove that we achieved our desired goal.

SharePoint Branding Training
Traditional SharePoint Branding Functions – Master Pages, Page Layouts, CSS Advanced SharePoint Branding – Incorporating JavaScript, jQuery, and Silverlight User Experience – Information Architecture, Mental Modeling, Personas and Audience Definitions, Taxonomy, and Metadata

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